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Chris Decker

Kevin Cain

Janet Holladay
Books, Special Projects

Don Groover
Graphic Design, Layout

Steve Fuller
Off-set Pressman

40s years of Bringing pleasure back to printing

The Tisbury Printer was born in 1978 when Chris followed love from Pasadena, California to the island of Martha's Vineyard. His scheme of a marriage proposal required the respectability of at least partial employment. A run down print shop on near Five Corners in Vineyard Haven fit the bill. What began as a summer job quickly grew into a passionate career — he purchased the shop within the year. She said yes (38 years of marriage and counting). 

Printing has changed a lot in 40 years. The days of pasting layouts down with wax are long gone, and the clang of multiple offset printers has been replaced by the efficient purr of the laser copier. Yet while many print shops have fallen by the wayside, the Tisbury Printer has thrived through its commitment to customer care, dependable service, and quality work.

After all these years, the Tisbury Printer is still a neighborhood shop, proud to be a part of the community it serves. They offer everything from offset printing services to same day digital color copying. But more importantly they will sit down with you. Whether it's to design your logo, layout your brochure, or help you flush out a book idea, the Tisbury Printer exists to bring your project to life.

It's a shop that clients return to, one defined not by the services it provides but by the kindness with which it provides them.