Chris Decker

The Original Tisbury Printer. Owner Chris has been steering the ship since 1978. Over the past 40 years he's watched the world of print evolve dramatically. One thing hasn't changed: his passion for helping customers bring their ideas to life. He loves what is does — however, his granddaughter Lilou looks about ready to take over the family business. 

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Kevin Cain

Manager and Ray Romano voice impersonator.  Kevin began at the shop in 2002, bringing decades of experience in customer service. If you need something done with speed and precision, Kevin is the one to talk to. You'll probably get a joke or two in the meantime. 

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Janet Holladay

The Tisbury Printer's longest standing employee (since 1984), Janet heads the book design and special project department (of one). It's with great passion and patience that she immerses herself in her work, helping authors and organizations translate their vision onto the page. Ballroom dancer extraordinaire.


Don Groover

Design and prepress guru, specializing in InDesign and Photoshop. Don will help bring your project into focus, tweaking your layout or designing you a logo from scratch. Guitar slayer by night. He plays the banjo too.


Stephen Fuller

Offset pressman and production manager (somebody’s got to put on Bruiser’s rain jacket). Steve is the heart and soul of the operation, the man behind the scenes, mixing the perfect Pantone color for your job.



Wonder dog and expert nap taker, Bruiser commutes on a daily basis from off-island with his owner, Steve.